Silken Prey

"Silken Prey" by John Sandford

"Silken Prey" by John Sandford enters the world of dirty politics. The book opens with an investigation into the disappearance of a political fixer. There are lots of questions about the disappearance but no real clues.

An American Master



Don DeLillo has been chosen to receive the first Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction. The award was established to honor a writer whose distinguished work offers a unique perspective on the American experience. The Library of Congress has previously awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards and Creative Achievement Awards for fiction. This new prize will be presented during the 2013 National Book Festival in September. In a press release from the Library of Congress, DeLillo recalled his Italian immigrant parents, citing this award as the culmination of their efforts to adapt to a new culture.

Dead Ever After

"Dead Ever After" by Charlaine Harris

It was with a tinge of sadness that I finished reading "Dead Ever After" by Charlaine Harris. It is her thirteenth book to feature Sookie Stackhouse. Readers will either love or hate the book depending on which supernatural being they were wishing Sookie would choose. Don't worry...I won't spoil the novel for you.

Summer Reading at SLCL

Summer Reading Club

St. Louis County Library's popular summer reading clubs will kick-off early this year starting May 13 and running through August 3. The library offers clubs for all ages: babies, kids, teens and adults, with fun programs and great prizes for each age group. Participation is free, and as an added incentive, preschool children through those entering 12th grade will have their fines waived when they sign up for a summer reading club (some restrictions apply). Registration begins May 13; simply stop by any St. Louis County Library branch to sign-up. Click here to learn more.

Legendary Babe

"The Bambino" by Nel Yomtov and illustrated by Tim Foley, is a graphic novel about that amazing summer of 1927 when Babe Ruth set out to beat his own homerun record.  The artist wisely chooses a limited palette for this book (grayish blue, beige, black and white), since the majority of images we have of the Babe are in grayscale. The colors help convey that the events described in the story happened a long time ago while evoking mental images of the Babe in action.

How They Croaked

I'm not psychic and I don't play one on television, however, my prediction for the most popular prize in this year's "Summer Reading Club" is the book "How they croaked : the awful ends of the awfully famous" by Georgia Bragg. It is a delightfully irreverent and sometimes gross look at what caused the deaths of famous men and women. I think that kids of all ages will be intrigued by it.

Book Groups Made Easy

Do you ponder and stress when it's your turn to select a book for your book group? There are so many books, where do you start? Well, the St. Louis County Library's Book Discussion Kit program can help you with this decision. There are over 400 book kits in the collection so chances are there is one or hopefully more your group may like. So why stress? The perfect book kit for your group may be right here at your library. Browse the list of titles here

Remember you have to call to book a kit: 314-994-3300.

--Peggy D., Headquarters


Hoover, Graphic Novel Style

"J. Edgar Hoover: a graphic biography" by Rick Geary is another well-researched, beautifully drawn graphic novel. The book follows Hoover's life from birth to death, with emphasis on his career as a crime fighter. Geary's overview touches on some of the most important events in Hoover's long career, making the father of G-men as intriguing as any figure in American history. Insights into Hoover's emotional life are not gratuitous; Geary shows how his emotions fueled Hoover's behavior.  Such behavior had lasting consequences in the realm of civil rights for specific individuals and for the American people.


You may have heard about the 2013 FIRST Championship held at the Edward Jones Dome recently. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was started in 1989 by Dean Kamen to inspire young people to become science and technology leaders. This year's event drew over 10,000 students from 37 countries to test their engineering skills and teamwork.

FIRST calls the robotics competition for high school students the varsity Sport for the Mind. Teams of 25 or more students work with professional mentors to create a brand for the project, raise funds, and design and build robots to compete in the annual championship.

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