You Gotta Stay Positive

The Hold Steady


For fans of The Hold Steady, the upcoming solo show by front man Craig Finn is met with eager anticipation.  Finn and his cohorts in The Hold Steady arrived on the music scene with "Separation Sunday" in 2005, an album met with critical praise for its power pop sound and dense lyrics reminiscent of 1970s Bruce Springsteen.    

Rise Against


While lurching toward middle age, I expected my hard rock, mosh pitted past to mellow, and that I would have better appreciation for James Taylor and Carole King's "Troubadours:  The rise of the Singer-Songwriter" CD, which was wildly popular. Instead, "Appeal to Reason" by Rise Against frequents my CD player.

Rise Against is a band with an ax to grind. You can hear the weapon being honed in the background of every song. "From Heads Unworthy" contains the line "Read you like a polygraph/Not one single bone in your back." "Re-education (through Labor)" belts out:

How did I get here?

Gabrielle Hamilton's outstanding memoir "Blood, Bones & Butter" traces the crooked path she followed to her current success as chef and owner of Prune restaurant in New York City. Although Hamilton is a celebrated chef, readers should not assume that this is simply a foodie book. It is much more a literary memoir about how one woman's life is formed by a combination of her experiences, values, and accidents.

Hamilton did not dream of becoming a restaurant owner and chef. Without planning it, Hamilton accumulates twenty years of experience working in kitchens. In her first job at a restaurant, she is awkward and unsure in the dining room, but feels right at home in the kitchen, peeling potatoes and scraping plates.

Hamilton writes about her childhood, her travels, and the trials of starting a restaurant without any business experience. Her writing is clear and funny. Although she is frank about her faults and those of others, she reveals a genuine fondness for people.

Eat Out at Home


Want to make food from your favorite restaurant at home and at your own convenience? Try Todd Wilbur's "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2" and "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 3," the easy way to satisfy your cravings without actually having to go back to the restaurant. I've personally tried Wilbur's recipe for Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits, and was impressed by how similar the biscuits that came out of my oven were to the originals. Delicious biscuits that I could bake and have fresh, all to myself or share. You know, whatever floats your boat.

War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History


"War Made New" by Max Boot is a book about military history from the technological standpoint. The author states early in the book that the losing side in military campaigns has typically been the side that learns the most about military technology. The book describes dozens of historical battles from the last five centuries illustrating such trends as firearms against swords and tanks against horses, as well as the rise of professional soldiers and national armies as opposed to private warriors and mercenaries. Max Boot explains the development of military history from a standpoint that few other authors have. 

--Michael B., Florissant Valley Branch

“The Odds” – A good bet


Stewart O'Nan's latest slim novel "The Odds" portrays a married couple in crisis. After close to thirty years together Marion and Art Fowler are headed towards divorce. Severe financial distress and previous infidelities have brought the Fowlers to what O'Nan describes as "the final weekend of their marriage." They head to Niagara Falls where they spent their honeymoon. Art hopes to double their savings in the casino and to save their marriage. Marion hopes to remain civil so that they can spend one last weekend together before heading their separate ways.

O'Nan is skilled at portraying complex relationships. The Fowlers have been together long enough to have inside jokes and catchphrases "lifted from favorite movies or TV shows that served as a rote substitute for conversation and bound them like shut-in twins, each other's best and, most often, only audience." Despite their habitual closeness, Art and Marion also keep secrets.

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