eBook Review: Jayne Ann Krentz, “Twist of Fate”

Hannah Jesset is a life coach by profession and habit. So when her brother's company is endangered by a corporate shark, Gideon Cage, she rides to the rescue and gives the shark some advice along the way. Gideon Cage is tired of chasing blood in the water and so instead gives chasing the intriguing Hannah a try, as Hannah tries to decide whether to radically change the course of her life. Such a change is not without its difficulties or even danger as these two grow closer, and Hannah's new life may not have room for a man like Gideon.

Trip of a Lifetime with Theodore Roosevelt


Late in 2008 I was searching the catalog for an eAudiobook to download when I found Candice Millard's "River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's darkest journey." Although I am not much of a history buff, I had heard a radio interview of Ms. Millard. The topic sounded interesting enough and not much else was available, so I took a chance and downloaded it to my MP3 player.

The reader was Paul Michael, who does a very good job. The drama of the event--Roosevelt's post-presidential trip in the Amazon--is undeniably exciting. The mistakes and mishaps that threatened the expedition create tension from start to finish. Millard's writing is quite skillful; every time a question arose because of my limited knowledge of Theodore Roosevelt, the Amazon, or U.S. history, Millard answered it within minutes (or paragraphs.)

Three Observations on the Physics of Jason Statham Films


Three Observations on the Physics of Jason Statham Films
Discussed:  The Mechanic, Crank, Crank: High Voltage, The Bank Job, Blitz, The Transporter


Staff Review: “Ladies and Gentleman” stories by Adam Ross

This collection of short stories touches on the personal relationships of people on the verge of anguish and catastrophe. Ross' style is stripped-down and blunt.  In the opening story, an unemployed man is trying to mentor a young neighbor while going through the interview process for a new job.  Both end horrifically.  In another story, college friends attempt to one-up each other with stunts that only college-aged boys would consider. The lives of two brothers collide dramatically as they try to cope with the death of their parents and attempt to reconcile their differences. These are just three of the provocative stories in this collection.

Staff Review: “My Friend Michael” by Frank Cascio

Michael Jackson, while once known as the most famous pop star on the planet, was also quite possibly the most eccentric and mysterious one. He had a pet chimp named Bubbles; there were leaked tabloid photos of him sleeping in an oxygen chamber; his children were rarely seen in public without a mask or disguise; his own appearance was greatly distorted over the years from numerous plastic surgeries and skin lightening treatments; he did not want to go grow up, often choosing child companions over adult ones and even naming his California ranch after J.M. Barrie's fictionalized Neverland. The list of unusual behavior is almost too great to list.  But who was the real Michael Jackson?  

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