April Showers Bring May Snowdrops?

Snowdrops by A.D. Miller


Snowdrop. n.)
An early-flowering bulbous plant, having a white pendent flower.
Moscow slang. A corpse that lies buried or hidden in the winter snows, emerging only in the thaw.
Long-listed for the Booker prize in 2011, "Snowdrops" by A.D. Miller is a tautly written novel narrated by a British attorney living and working in modern day Moscow.  
We meet Nicholas as he recounts his story of a crime. It's obvious, it's short, it's addictive.
Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by the matter-of-fact storytelling and cool, brisk language. This is psychological fiction, expressed more by atmosphere and mood than it is by plot. The author infuses his work with beautiful, deceptive Muscovite women, intense visuals of Russia and politcal history. This is a tale of the moral depravity of a man and of a country.
Beneath the frosty surface of Millers' tale lies decay. Like a snowdrop.
Laura S -- Sachs Branch
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