Basics of the Bomb


"Trinity" by Jonathan Fetter-Vorm is a graphic novel that deals with the development of the atomic bomb. The book is serious, scientific and very effectively drawn. Important people such as Einstein, General Leslie Groves, President Truman, and J. Robert Oppenheimer are depicted, warts and all. Nobody is a hero, least of all Oppenheimer, whose misgivings about the bomb are included.
The book includes a basic description of the science behind creating the bomb, but it doesn't overwhelm the story. Almost as compelling is the effort it took to master the science, and to do it in time to use during World War II. The book conveys the pressure to create an atomic bomb before any enemies or allies. In fact, the plot was so suspenseful I had to read it in one sitting. That's quite an accomplishment since I already knew we'd get the bomb, use it, and in doing so change international relations forever.
I give credit to Jonathan Fetter-Vorm for the quality of the art. It's not easy to draw explosions, nuclear fission, horrible injuries, or radiation. Yet the impact of the nuclear age is clear from his drawings and the facts he chooses to include.
The book made me interested in the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer and the course his life took after participating in the creation of the bomb. I look forward to learning more about this conflicted genius.
--Julie C., Headquarters
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