Begging for Dog Food - From Scratch!

The Dog Ate It


Our family dog, Sophie, is a yellow lab mix who loves food of all kinds but oddly enough, not dog bones. I decided that if I could buy treats from a store for her instead, why couldn't I make them at home? That way I know exactly what's in them and I can make sure they're both good and good for her. Here are four books that can start you off right down the road of delightful dog food at home.

This is my favorite find on this topic because it's full of recipes for nutritious, delicious meals that you and your dog can enjoy together. The recipe for Chicken Paprika on page 53 makes my mouth water, and since paprika is chock full of vitamin C why not make yourself and your dog a warm winter meal tonight? For dessert, how about some Counter Surfer's Cookies, from page 113. These cookies have vitamins B, C, E, zinc, and fiber, so you and your dog can indulge together with something sweet. I made them myself, and they were oddly wholesome-- no doubt due to the whole wheat flour­-but excellent dipped in Devonshire cream, since they do taste more like a scone than a cookie. Sophie adored them plain.
This book lays out the basics for eco-friendly living with your pet in many arenas and appropriate projects, including what to feed them. Project: Breath Treats on page 45 is a recipe for how to make an organic treat to keep your pet's breath smelling sweet, as well as fascinating their taste buds. And for something quick, try Project: Quick Dog Treats on page 47, with only two ingredients, three if you add ground flaxseed to the mix for a shiny coat.
Dog's Deli has an astonishing range of treats and meals for your dog, many that are tasty enough for people food. The Hard Work Rewards biscuits on page 45 are simple and get rid of bad breath due to the parsley. On special occasions, bake up some Birthday Muffins from page 53, especially good for older dogs since they're soft and easy to chew.
The best thing about this book is that every recipe tells you exactly how long you can store the delights you make for your dog and all the ingredients, with one or two exceptions, are easy to find in your local grocery store. Yip Yap Banana Snaps on page 94 have the healthy goodness of apples and oats and your dog will love them. Don't forget to include St. Puptrick's Emerald Isles treats in your planning for St. Patrick's Day, which are the incredibly easy green treats on page 108 that will get your dog in the Irish spirit.

~Lindsay T., Jamestown Bluffs


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