Bittersweet and 90 Proof

"Lorraine" by Lori McKenna is full of songs that tell the sad but sweet tale of an ordinary life. Lori McKenna is a singer songwriter with an emotionally charged voice. She can be considered a folk artist, but she has a heavy twang which makes her sound country. However, some of the songs on "Lorraine" have more of a pop sound like "You Get a Love Song" and "American Revolver."

Instead of writing songs about bar fights or heady one night stands, McKenna makes ordinary events special. Her gift to listeners is illustrating what is often taken for granted, like a guitar sold because another baby is on the way or grief relenting enough so photos of the loved one don't send you in a tailspin.
McKenna's voice is strident at times, but it's likely due to the raw emotions she's set to music. In "The Most," she is fearless enough to ask the question that confounds most of us, "Did I do what I was supposed to in my life?"
--Cindy F., Headquarters
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