Blanche's Great Life

"The Adventures of Blanche" by Rick Geary is another good graphic novel from a talented artist. Geary's drawings are fun, imaginative and balanced. His sense of perspective is unerring and he uses plenty of positive and negative space to make each panel pleasing to the eye. His characters aren't idealized; they look like real people, warts and all.

The subject of this book is Geary's grandmother Blanche. She was an adventurous sort who found life on the Kansas plains to be too predictable. As a good pianist and musician, Blanche had options, so she went to New York for additional training and opportunities. In the big city Blanche begins to have adventures, many of which are believable. Later, she moves to Hollywood where her talents are put to work in the fledgling movie industry. Intrigue abounds, and she eventually winds up in Europe.

The stories are part of his grandmother's life, so Geary reconstructs them via letters he found among her belongings posthumously. That gives the episodes veracity, which Geary eventually demolishes with scenes that defy physics and logic. Blanche meets almost every prominent person of her time, which is a good way to place the character in her time.

Once again, Rick Geary's graphic skill and compelling storytelling delightfully deliver a great lesson in history.

--Julie C., Headquarters


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