Blood Money

"Blood Money" by James Grippando

As I was reading James Grippando's new book,"Blood Money," I couldn't help but think of the tagline for "Law and Order:" Ripped from today's headlines. It blends elements from the Casey Anthony trial, outrage over an unacceptable O.J. Simpson verdict, and a ruthless media mogul interested only in ratings.

The book opens with defense attorney, Jack Swyteck, and his client, Sydney Bennett, awaiting a verdict in her murder trial. Sydney is a good time party girl who is accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Emma. Media attention has whipped the nation into a hate filled frenzy of anger directed toward Sydney. They are shocked and angered when the verdict turns out to be not guilty. Hoping to avoid a lynch mob, Sydney is released at night. In the ensuing riot, Celeste Larramore, a young woman who bears a remarkable resemblance to Sydney, is attacked. Due to some illegal technical maneuvering by a new network, critical health information is withheld from the ambulance paramedics causing Celeste to lapse into a coma.

James Grippando takes these events and turns them into a gripping suspense filled novel. His characters are strong and well fleshed out. The plot grips the reader evoking an emotional response. There are enough twist and turns to keep the reader guessing to the climatic conclusion. It leaves the reader wanting more...and wishing that if he/she were ever accused of a crime they could hire Jack Swyteck for their defense.

Find "Blood Money" on the New Material Fiction shelf at your local branch or request it here.

--Ron A., Weber Road



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