Blood Trade

 Blood Trade: a Jane Yellowrock novel" by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock, one of my favorite characters in urban fantasy, is back for an action packed adventure in "Blood Trade" by Faith Hunter. As far as she knows, Jane is the last of her kind. She is descended from the Cherokee skinwalkers. She has the ability to shift into various animal shapes to aid her in her chosen profession...vampire hunter. Jane shares her soul with Beast...a mountain lion...who is a ferocious fighter.

Through an unexpected turn of events, the vampire hunter finds herself employed as the Enforcer for the Master Vampire of New Orleans. Her latest adventure is taken on without his consent. Using a loophole in the Vampire Carta, Jane accepted a vampire hunting job in Natchez, Mississippi. Rogue vampires that look on humans as prey are are terrorizing his city.

In addition, they seem to have the ability to heal from fatal wounds. Jane must not only survive the attacks on her. She must investigate to determine the origins of the vampires new found abilities.

This book is filled with intense action, scenes of blood letting and moments of comedy. The characters are well developed and engaging...if you can call a vampire engaging.  The mythos the author has created appeals to me.

If you haven't read of the Jane Yellowrock books before, I recommend that you read one or two of the earlier books. It would help you understand the characters and  politics that inhabit Jane's world. You may find the book on the Paperback Fiction display at your local branch. You may request it by clicking on this link: Blood Trade: a Jane Yellowrock novel.

--Ron A., Weber Road Branch



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