Book Review: "Kitty and the Midnight Hour"by Carrie Vaughn

Two major events have shaped D.J. Kitty Norville's life. The first was an attack by a werewolf that has left her battling her inner wolf; the second, was when an online caller asked "Do You Believe in Vampires?"When she answered in the affirmative, her radio show "The Midnight Hour" became a hit with her listeners, but put her at odds with her pack, vampires and other creatures of the night. Add a bounty hunter who called to say he had a contract on her life and mix in a traveling faith healer who says he has a cure for the supernaturally challenged and you have the very enjoyable urban fantasy/paranormal romance "Kitty and the Midnight Hour".

This is the book that launched Carrie Vaughn's popular "Kitty" series. I attribute its popularity to Ms. Vaughn's ability to make her characters real to her readers.The books are filled with a blend of humor, intense action, and suspense. It's a must for fans of the paranormal. The book is found on the library's paperback rack or you can always request this very enjoyable read.

--Ron A., Weber Road Branch

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