Copies of "BookPage" are available from the library for free every month, but for book lovers they're priceless. The reviews are well written and insightful.  Many magazine critiques are short to save on space so they can cover more books. The slightly longer reviews in "BookPage" use the extra sentences  to give well-rounded critiques; a healthy mix of plot summary and evaluation of writing style and larger themes. The columnists' enthusiasm shines through their articles in the same way as eloquent movie critic Roger Ebert's love of film. They aren't skittish about going outside the lines. Whether they are mentioning the author's background, the novel's inspiration, or comparing styles to other authors, this gives readers a better context to decide if the title is one they'll enjoy. "BookPage" also has a fun feature where they ask standard questions to book illustrators where the responses are mostly given as pictures. The July 2013 issue is especially rewarding. Not only does Bruce Tierney's mystery section leave clues of new authors to ferret out, but two of the author interviews mention libraries. It's a delight to know the writers we are finding on the shelves are also digging through the stacks seeking treasures.

--Cindy F., Headquarters

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