Casino Infernale


"Casino Infernale" by Simon R. Green is the latest in his Secret Histories series. It's an action packed supernatural thriller featuring Eddie Drood and the wild witch, Molly Metcalf. Their mission is to infiltrate the Casino Infernale and break the infamous Shadow Bank. If they're successful, they will prevent a supernatural war that would destroy the world.

Simon R. Green masterfully blends scenes of intense action that features a lot of gore with a snarky sense of humor. His characters are interesting and fleshed out. This book reads almost like a "who's who" of heroes and villains that have been introduced his previous books. I especially liked Bruin Bear and the Sea Goat. By including them, Green introduces a touch of whimsy in the story line.

I would recommend that you read at least one of the earlier Secret Histories books. It would establish the characters and their relationships in your mind and make for a more enjoyable read. This book may be found in your Branch's New Material Fiction display. You may also request it by clicking here.

--Ron A., Weber Road Branch

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