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Catholic Priests in St. Louis | H - K

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Names in this index were compiled from the following sources:     

  • Official Catholic Directory, 1841, 1844, 1846 - 1861, 1864 - 1870 (available years)
  • St. Louis City Directories, 1870, 1872, 1874 - 1900 (available years)
Name Parish Dates
Hageman, F. St. Francis Xavier 1874-1875
Hagemann, Frederick St. Joseph 1877-1881
Halpin, J. Holy Angels 1868
Halpin, J. Jesuit 1864-1867
Hamill, E. St. Bridget 1877
Hamill, E. J. Immaculate Conception 1878-1880
Hamilton, Geo. A. St. Patrick 1847
Hamilton, George Cathedral 1844
Hanlon, Frederick St. Michael 1872-1875
Happe, A. J. St. Mary Victories 1888-1890
Hartmann, G. Sts. Peter and Paul 1866
Harts, M. M. St. Francis Xavier 1876-1888
Harty, J. J. St. Bridget 1879-1888
Harty, J. J. St. Leo 1890-1900
Hassel, Henry St. Bernard 1899-1900
Hayden, A. M. St. Francis Xavier 1874-1875
Hayden, John St. Vincent de Paul 1856
Hayes, J. Jesuit 1865-1869
Hayes, Robert J. St. Ann (City) 1899
Hayes, Robert J. St. Patrick 1872-1898
Hays, R. Holy Angels 1870
Hays, R. Holy Angels 1869
Hays, R. J. St. John 1870
Head, J. J. Annunciation 1889-1900
Healy, R. J. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1881-1882
Healy, R. J. St. Patrick 1883
Heckmann, John St. Bernard 1879
Heim / Keim, Ambrose Cathedral 1846-1854
Henderickx, P. L. Sts. Mary and Joseph 1859-1861
Hendricks, A. St. Francis Xavier 1870
Hendrickx, P. L. Cathedral 1858
Hennes, John Holy Trinity 1874
Hennessey, J. J. St. John 1881-1888
Hennessey, John Cathedral 1860
Hennessey, John Diocesan Seminary 1855-1859
Hennessey, John St. Peter 1852-1854
Hennessy, Ed. M. St. Vincent de Paul 1870-1878
Hennessy, Edmund St. Vincent de Paul 1861, 1869
Henning, H./T. Cathedral 1868-1869
Henning, Jos. St. Alphonsus 1872-1874
Henry, J. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1872-1891
Henry, J. St. Lawrence O'Toole 1856-1869
Henry, J. St. Patrick 1854-1855
Herde, Jul. Holy Trinity 1868
Hertker, H. S. St. Liborius 1880
Hessoun, J. St. John Nepomuk 1866-1869
Hessoun, Joseph St. John Nepomuk 1870-1900
Higginbotham, John Cathedral 1845-1846
Higginbotham, John St. Michael 1850-1852
Higginbotham, John St. Patrick 1849,1854-1857
Higgins, E. A. St. Francis Xavier 1872-1875
Higgins, James St. Martin 1852-1854
Higgins, S. J. St. Vincent de Paul 1896-1899
Higgins, S. P. St. Vincent de Paul 1898-1899
Higgins, S. V. St. Vincent de Paul 1880
Hill, W. H. Jesuit 1865
Hillman, Francis St. Francis Xavier 1881
Hiltermann, Mathias St. Anthony 1876
Hinssen, William St. Agatha 1878-1883
Hoeynck, E. St. Liborius 1870-1895
Hofbauer, John St. Joseph 1847-1851
Hoffman, John A. St. Henry 1887-1900
Hoffmann, John St. Liborius 1874-1875
Hogan, J. St. John the Apostle 1855
Hogan, J. St. Michael 1856-1857
Hogan, Patrick St. Michael 1870
Hogemann, P. St. Joseph 1875-1876
Holtschneider, Adolph St. Nicholas 1895-1898
Holweck, F. G. St. Aloysius 1893-1900
Holweck, F. G. St. Francis de Sales 1889-1892
Holweg, Frank St. Francis de Sales 1884
Horstmann, Francis Jesuit 1849-1851,1858,1864-1865
Horvath, Francis Holy Trinity (Slavish) 1900
Houscat, Peter St. John Nepomuk 1884-1894
Houst, Peter St. John Nepomuk 1885-1892
Hueber, S. P. St. Vincent de Paul 1890-1900
Huettler, August J. Holy Ghost 1897-1899
Hughes, Thomas A. St. Francis Xavier 1880-1887
Hukestein, H. St. Mary Victories 1877-1879
Hukestein, H. A. St. Augustine 1885-1900
Hussmann, Henry St. Henry 1891
Irisarri, Joseph Jesuit 1844-1846
Jackson, J. M. St. Martin 1866-1869
Jackson, J. M. St. Mary-Bridgeton 1866-1868
Jaeckele, Nicholas St. Alphonsus 1879-1884
Jaegering, H. St. Nicholas 1874-1875
Jaegering, Henry St. Augustine 1876-1881
Jaegering, Henry St. Mary Victories 1883-1900
Jamison, F. Jesuit 1846-1848
Jansen, G. St. Joseph 1875-1877
Jansenius, G. St. Joseph 1878
Johns, W. St. Mary Victories 1872
Jones, Francis St. John 1881-1886
Jones, Francis J. St. Columbkille 1880-1900
Joset, Joseph Jesuit 1844
Judge, P. V. St. Vincent de Paul 1892-1900
Juetting, J. H. St. Boniface 1877-1883
Kagen, J. St. John 1884
Kalmer, H. V. St. Augustine 1882-1884
Kalmer, Vinzent St. Henry 1875-1878
Kane, C. J. St. Cronan 1896
Kane, Constantine J. St. Teresa 1897
Kavanagh, Thomas M. Annunciation 1866
Kavanagh, Thomas M. Assumption 1867-1868
Keegan, J. St. Malachy 1885-1894
Keilty, F. M. Holy Angels 1870-1900
Keilty, F. M. Immaculate Conception 1867-1869
Keim / Heim, Ambrose Cathedral 1846-1854
Keitz, Jas. St. Alphonsus 1875-1876
Keller, Joseph E. Jesuit 1858-1869
Kellwing, Jos. Holy Trinity 1867
Kelly, Henry St. James 1874-1878
Kendrick, D. W. St. Vincent de Paul 1880-1900
Kennedy, D. St. Martin 1855-1857
Kennedy, D. St. Mary-Bridgeton 1854-1855
Kennedy, Edward A. St. Alphonsus 1900
Kenny, Dennis St. Francis Xavier 1855
Kenrick, Peter R. Cathedral 1844-1869
Kern, Edward St. Nicholas 1889
Kern, J. N. St. Kevin 1889-1890
Kern, John N. Our Lady Mt. Carmel 1895-1900
Kern, John N. St. Teresa 1891-1892
Kernan, L. Annunciation 1883
Kernan, Luke St. Agnes 1899
Kernan, Luke J. St. Ann (City) 1898
Kernan, Luke J. St. Paul the Apostle 1896-1897
Kernion, G.J./J. G. Jesuit 1853--1869
Kernion, Joseph G. H. St. Francis Xavier 1888-1890
Kielty, Francis Cathedral 1864-1866
Kielty, Francis St. Lawrence O'Toole 1861
Kiely, John St. Francis Xavier 1890-1894
Kister, Henry S. St. Liborius 1896-1900
Klevinghaus, Wm. SS Peter & Paul 1872-1900
Kondelka, Jos. St. John Nepomuk 1883
Koning, Peter Jesuit 1859
Koob, George St. Henry 1892-1894
Koop, J. H. St. Vincent de Paul 1880
Koop, J. H. St. Vincent de Paul 1865-1868
Koopmans, P. C. St. Francis Xavier 1870
Koopmans, P. C. St. Francis Xavier 1869
Kotte, Wm. St. Mark 1900
Krabler, A. St. Vincent de Paul 1872-1878\
Kreuz, P. St. Vincent de Paul 1881-1891
Krier, P. A. St. Joseph 1887-1888
Kroeger, Joseph Holy Trinity 1896-1900
Kuppens, F. S. St. Thomas of Aquin 1872
Kurtenbach, Peter St. Boniface 1895-1900
Kurtenbach, William St. Nicholas 1892-1894


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