CD Review: "Wild Flag" by Wild Flag

Wild Flag


It seems that everybody's jibber-jabbering about this Adele lady. Oh, Adele won 6 Grammy awards, oh Adele has the voice of an angel. OK, I'll concede that Adele is a gifted female vocalist, but where are the gifted female rockers? Where are the ladies kicking out the jams? Pop music as a whole seems somewhat diluted, softer and safer; are we reverting to the pre-punk 70s?

Hey, wait. Did you hear the new CD by Wild Flag? Just hearing that 2/3 of the long-lamented Sleater-Kinney have formed a new band is enough to make an ardent girl rocker swoon. Go ahead, put the needle on the record and pump up the volume, 'cause these ladies ROCK. Ferocity, melody and capability? Wild Flag is a mix of total awesomeness - layered vocals, catchy lyrics, awesome musicianship and straight out rock n roll. Wild Flag may be strong enough for a woman, but men like it too - to quote my husband, the arbiter of critical reviews, "this music is really good." True that.


--Sara S., Tesson Ferry Branch

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