Cheaper, Better, Faster

"Cheaper, Better, Faster" by Mary Hunt

"Cheaper, better, faster: over 2,000 tips and tricks to save you time and money every day" by Mary Hunt is an excellent book to help with spring cleaning, organizing or saving money on household repairs. The author is the creator of the "Debt Proof Living" newsletter. This book is an updated version of a book published in 1997 under the title 'Tiptionary." It is a fascinating hodgepodge of tips to make your life cheaper, better and faster.

The tips are organized into short paragraphs and by categories ranging from automobiles to travel and entertainment. The tips have been tested by the author with varying degrees of success. They are all designed to make your life a little simpler or cheaper. Some of the tips contain common sense advice i.e. a moderate level of exercise has been associated with strengthening the immune system.

Other tips offer practical advice for life's little emergencies. One that I have tried was the emergency repair for a missing screw in your eyeglasses. The author says: "Insert a wooden toothpick through the hole in the hinge. Break off both ends of the toothpick, and you're ready to go." I tried it and it did hold long enough for me to replace the screw permanently. You may find the book on the New Material display at your local branch or may request by clicking here.       
--Ron A., Weber Road Branch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



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