The Cherry Cola Book Club

"The Cherry Cola Book Club" by Ashton Lee


"The Cherry Cola Book Club" by Ashton Lee is a heartwarming story that is reminiscent of the Mitford series. The book opens with the town council of Cherico, Mississippi giving Maura Beth Mayhew, a young, enthusiastic librarian, an ultimatum. She must dramatically increase the library's circulation or it will be closed due to budget cuts.
Maura Beth enlists her small contingent of library regulars in a fun-filled adventure in how to save a library. One suggestion was organizing a book discussion group. Playing on the name of the town, the group becomes "The Cherry Cola Book Club." The group's members are challenged to relate the classic stories of authors like Margaret Mitchell or Harper Lee to their personal lives. Potluck dinners are served and the discussion begins, often with unexpected results.

Maura Beth becomes involved in her group's lives in unusual ways. She becomes friend, grief counselor and advisor in long lost love. The group bonds over these personal issues while attempting to thwart a political agenda that wants the library to fail.

If you're looking for a gentle read this summer, "The Cherry Cola Book Club" will deliver an enjoyable read. It is a bit unrealistic, but author Ashton Lee has captured the spirit of a genteel South. The recipes at the end of the book are worth reading too. This book may be found on the New Material Fiction display at your local branch or you may request it by clicking here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
--Ron A., Weber Road Branch


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