Chilly Reads


Brrr it's cold outside. St. Louis County Library's book discussion kit collection has some titles for the season. So get the fireplace going, make some hot chocolate and discuss one of these with your book group friends. If you think it's cold outside, you ain't seen nothing yet.

"Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster" by Jon Krakauer.
Krakauer, an accomplished climber and writer for Outside magazine, went to the Himalayas to report on the commercialization of Mount Everest. He gives an account of the risks, expenses and physical requirements of such an expedition and what makes people want to take such risks.

"Two Old Women: an Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage, and Survival by Velma Wallis
According to an Athabascan legend, this is the story of two elderly women who are part of a migrating tribe that encounters extreme weather and food shortage. The tribe cannot support everyone and decides to abandon the two women. Themes are survival, aging and empowerment of women with a surprise ending.

"Winter Wheat" by Mildred Walker
This coming of age story is about a young woman, Ellen, who is the only daughter of Montana wheat farmers. It's early 1940s, she dreams of going to college to be free from the isolation and labor of the family farm. There is enough money to attend the university where she meets a young man from the east coast.  They fall head over heels and he pays a visit to the family farm, there is a clash of cultures and Ellen finds out what is truly important in life.

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--Peggy D., Headquarteres

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