Classic Romantic Comedies

The Pirate



I'm a fan of rom coms, well done ones that is, so a couple of years ago out of desperation I started to watch some of the classics. I was hooked, and couldn't believe I hadn't watched them before.  If you try a couple of these classics on for size, you won't regret it, and you might just discover some new movies worth watching over and over. Or you could rediscover movies you've seen and loved, but just haven't watched in years.

Judy Garland stars as Manuela, a Caribbean girl who's infatuated with the legendary pirate Macoco. Serafin, a singer from a traveling troupe played by Gene Kelly, falls in love with her and so decides to impersonate Macoco to win her love in return. Serafin has quite a bit of fun being a pirate, until it all catches up to him and he must find a way to wiggle out of his lie and yet retain the love of Manuela. Expect fun dance numbers, especially those showcasing Kelly's great talent, and excellent repartee between the two protagonists.

"The Major and the Minor," released in 1942, starring Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland
Ginger Rogers stars as a country girl that decides to return home after failing to make it in the big city, shenanigans aplenty ensue when she has to disguise herself as a twelve year old to afford the ticket. Major Kirby, a nearsighted instructor at a military academy, steps in to help her as what he thinks is an uncle figure. The consequences are predictable, but the hijinks aren't, and Ginger Rogers is a brilliant comedienne in this comedy of errors and mistaken identity.

"Du Barry was a Lady," released in 1943, starring Red Skelton, Lucille Ball and Gene Kelly
A star studded cast in a comedy about two men that want the same woman in the '40s, and then in a dream sequence the conflict is reset as a historic comedy in eighteenth century France. The dance numbers are entertaining, the costumes enthralling, and the humor undeniable. If the only place you've seen Lucille Ball is in "I Love Lucy," this movie will show you a new side of the accomplished actress.

--Lindsay T., Jamestown Bluffs


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