Cold City

"Cold City" by F. Paul Wilson

With the publication of "Nightworld" last year, F. Paul Wilson brought his "Repairman Jack" series to an end...or so he thought. His readers demanded to know how Jack started in his unusual repair business. He doesn't fix appliances...he fixes problems in unusual and sometimes violent ways. Readers wanted to know how he started...and how he met some of the recurring supporting characters like Abe and Julio. "Cold City" is the first book in a prequel series that answers these questions.                       

In "Cold City," a young Jack arrives in New York City. He is already trying to live off the grid. He shows a knack for problem solving...but he is immature at this point and is less able to avoid his black rages than the grown up Jack.

The author juggles several different storylines ranging from Jack working for a smuggler, running afoul of machete wielding landscapers and breaking up a sex smuggling ring. There are hints of the Adversary and the fight that will dominate Jack's adulthood...but only long time readers will understand the references.

If you haven't read F. Paul Wilson, "Cold City" is a great beginning. It introduces you to Repairman Jack, one of the most refreshing and original characters in fiction. Since this is the first book in the prequel trilogy, you would have many hours of reading enjoyment in your future. You may find this book in the library's new material fiction area or you may request it by clicking here.

--Ron A., Weber Road Branch




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