Cold Days

The latest book by Jim Butcher is "Cold days: a novel of the Dresden files." Wizard Harry Dresden has been through a lot in his life. He has faced vampire wars, rogue wizards and death, or at least almost death. He spent time as a ghostly presence in a limbo-like state where he had to solve his own murder. But nothing has prepared him for waking up next to Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness. To be restored to the mortal world, Harry assumes the role as Mab's Winter Knight with new powers and a huge debt that must be paid.

The mantle of Winter Knight can slowly drive its bearer insane. At best, it turns them into an amoral killing machine. Harry Dresden battles against the weight of its seductive powers. He is determined that at the end of the day his character will be the same.

This novel is a non-stop action romp that takes the reader from the political intrigues of Faerie to possible armageddon-like apocalypse that would end life as we know it. Harry gathers old and new allies for the final epic showdown. Lives and roles will be redefined and changed forever. Jim Butcher successfully blends intense action, urban fantasy, and a dash of comedy to make "Cold days: a novel of the Dresden files" one of his best books to date.

I would recommend reading some of the earlier books in the series before attempting this one. Otherwise, the relationships and past storylines might leave the reader lost. The book is available on the Bestseller shelf at your local branch or you may request it by clicking here

--Ron A., Weber Road



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