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The Ultimate Cake Mix Cookie Book


"The Ultimate Cake Mix Cookie Book: more than 375 delectable cookie recipes that begin with a box of cake mix ," by Camilla V. Saulsbury, makes baking cookies a piece of cake. Literally. Over 375 cookie recipes that start from cake mix, add a little twist, and hey presto! Delicious cookies that don't require starting all the way from square one and also have both the benefit of being mostly homemade as well as the advantage of being different from many of the cookies you'd buy from a store. Inside the book you'll find recipes for not only your typical drop cookies, but also for form cookies and cookie bars. The book even suggest twists on its recipes by using different ingredients or cake mixes, should you want something a bit different when you don't feel like having to be creative on your own.

I recommend the the Vanilla Malt Cookies, from page 92, which are basic vanilla cookies that incorporate one of my favorite candies, Whoppers. If you want even more variety in your easy baking endeavors, try,"The ultimate shortcut cookie book : 745 scrumptious recipes that start with refrigerated cookie dough, cake mix, brownie mix, or ready-to-eat cereal," and "No-bake cookies : more than 150 fun, easy, & delicious recipes for cookies, bars, and other cool treats made without baking," both also written by Ms. Saulsbury.

--Lindsay T., Jamestown Bluffs

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