Cranky Agnes

"Agnes and the Hitman" by Jennifer Cruisie is a funny romance that avoids a formulaic plot. Agnes is an engaging character who's found uses for frying pans beyond cooking. Agnes isn't a typical heroine. She has curves like a real woman and has difficulty paying her mortgage just like normal people.

Wonderfully narrated by Sandra Burr, Cruisie's story starts with an attempted dog-napping and takes a circuitous route at a breathless pace. Agnes, who writes a food column entitled "Cranky Agnes," is preparing for a big wedding. Her own fiancé is behaving strangely, while most of the other characters are just strange. The plot includes real flamingos, a mother of the bride with unusual ideas about etiquette, a suspicious Irish handyman, and a missing five million bucks.

The chemistry between Agnes and Shane, the titular hit man, comes through in the audio. Burr's voicing of a former gangster and the Irishman is both believable and hilarious. The quirky characters all have surprising depth, except the ones meant to be delightfully shallow. "Agnes and the Hitman" is a romance for those who enjoy them fast paced and tongue in cheek.
--Cindy F., Headquarters
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