Curious History of the Phone Book

This book may be the most frequently published book in history. Many people have them, but hardly use them properly. Many of us have sat on them to boost ourselves at tables to eat with family. If this makes you want to hear more, then this is your book,"The Phone Book: the curious history of the book that everyone uses but no one reads" by Ammon Shea. 

Shea's book is full of interesting trivia. For instance, the first phone book published in 1878 had only fifty names listed (no numbers). Other topics covered in that first edition: how to use the phone and how to begin and end a conversation. There was an anti-digit dialing league, unhappy about the new invention (has time changed?) Over the years the phone book, which looked the same for all regions, changed to include photos of each area, allowing cities and towns a bit of civic pride. Shea notes that a few people even collect phone books, with one collection numbering in the thousands! 

If you want a book to read just for fun, or are interested in history or hoping to brush up your trivia skills, this would be the book for you. 

--Laura T., Weber Road


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