Dead Ever After

"Dead Ever After" by Charlaine Harris

It was with a tinge of sadness that I finished reading "Dead Ever After" by Charlaine Harris. It is her thirteenth book to feature Sookie Stackhouse. Readers will either love or hate the book depending on which supernatural being they were wishing Sookie would choose. Don't worry...I won't spoil the novel for you.

"Dead Ever After" opens with Arlene, a former friend turned enemy being given an early release from prison. When she shows up at Merlotte's asking for her old job back, it's easy for Sookie to turn her down. After all, Arlene and her former comrades were barely stopped from crucifying Sookie. A short time later, Arlene is murdered. Although the evidence against her was slim, Sookie is arrested for Arlene's murder.
Sookie and her friends launch an investigation into who framed her. "Dead Ever After" brings back a sometimes confusing array of characters. It almost seems like everyone who has appeared in the series makes an appearance or is referred to in some manner. Despite that flaw, the book is filled with action, humor and an underlying sensuality that have been the earmarks of the series.
I was privileged to see Charlaine Harris in person at the Bouchercon that was held in St. Louis a few years ago. Someone asked her if Sookie would be happy at the end of the series. Charlaine replied that Sookie wouldn't necessarily be happy, but she would be content...and so she is.
The question that will create the most discussion and interest is who did Sookie choose at the end of the series. Was he a vampire, shapeshifter, fae or werewolf? I promise no spoilers so you'll have to read the book and see for yourself. If you haven't read the series or seen the HBO series "True Blood," I'd recommend you start at the beginning. You'll come to respect one of the strongest women in paranormal literature, Sookie Stackhouse. The book may be found on the Bestseller Fiction display at your local branch or you may request it by clicking here.
--Ron A., Weber Road



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