Dead Weight

"Dead Weight" by Susan Rogers Cooper

"Dead Weight" by Susan Rogers Cooper is the tenth book in the series to feature romance writer and amateur sleuth E.J. Pugh. It is a delightful blend of folksy storytelling, unique characters, humor and mayhem.

The book opens with E.J. attending the memorial service of one of her weight loss group acquaintances, Berta Harris. E.J.'s suspicions are tweaked by the conflicting stories of Berta's demise. Did she die in the hospital from complications or was she dragged to her death by a car? No one seems to know. When Berta's best friend is murdered, E.J. is convinced that the deaths are connected. She launches an investigation that puts stress on her family and threatens her marriage. Will her family survive?

This is an entertaining cosy mystery. The dialogue is light and fun.There are enough twists and turns to please the mystery buff. However, it is the characters and the humor that are the book's winning strengths. If you're looking for an easy read over the holidays, you may pick up the book on the Mystery New Material shelf...or you may request it by clicking here.

--Ron A., Weber Road

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