Department 19

Department 19
There were two defining moments in Jamie Carpenter's life. The first occurred when he saw his father shot by government forces for betraying his country. The second happened two years later when his mother was kidnapped by vampires and Jamie was aided by Victor Frankensten's creation. Jamie was introduced to a mysterious agency called "Department 19". The agency was created in 1892 to combat the supernatural creatures among us.
"Department 19" by Will Hill is an excellent urban fantasy book. It should especially appeal to boys because it returns the vampire to its original state. They fly, drink blood, and burst into flames in the sunlight. The action is intense, and the blood and gore quotient high. The book ends with the reader wanting more.

What I found most enjoyable was the way the author was able to blend Dracula, Frankenstein, Van Helsing into a modern day thriller. If you're tired of vampires who glow in the sunlight,  "Department 19" might be for you. Find it on your branch's Teen Fiction shelf.
--Ron A., Weber Road Branch


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