eBook Review: Jayne Ann Krentz, "Twist of Fate"

Hannah Jesset is a life coach by profession and habit. So when her brother's company is endangered by a corporate shark, Gideon Cage, she rides to the rescue and gives the shark some advice along the way. Gideon Cage is tired of chasing blood in the water and so instead gives chasing the intriguing Hannah a try, as Hannah tries to decide whether to radically change the course of her life. Such a change is not without its difficulties or even danger as these two grow closer, and Hannah's new life may not have room for a man like Gideon.

"Twist of Fate" was originally published in 1986, and it shows an earmark or two of romances written in that decade. Gideon is a strong, heavy-handed man who typically gets his way, and Hannah must give way to his decisions in many arenas. It is she who struggles with her love for Gideon while he stays less emotional and more macho possessive for a large part of the book. Unlike some other books written by Ms. Krentz around this time, however, Hannah does take her stand and stick to it while she debates writing a book about her famous aunt, and it is that strength of purpose that makes this book one of the standouts among Ms. Krentz's older novels. I have to admit, though, that even when the female protagonists of Ms. Krentz's books are more or less run over by the stronger male protagonists, I still enjoy her work. Ms. Krentz was one of the first romance authors I read as a teen, so I must admit to a bias in her favor.

~Lindsay T., Jamestown Bluffs

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