Elizabeth Smart Sets the Record Straight

My Story by Elizabeth Smart

"My Story" by Elizabeth Smart with Chris Stewart describes the kidnapping and 9-month ordeal the author suffered at the hands of kidnappers. Taken from her home at the age of 14, Elizabeth Smart was subjected to every kind of abuse imaginable during her captivity. Now, as an adult, she is forthright about what happened and what she was forced to do to stay alive.

She takes several opportunities to deny that she suffered from Stockholm Syndrome, which is a psychological condition some hostages and kidnap victims develop. Smart denies having any sympathetic thoughts for her captors, stating that she lived in mortal fear every day and that is what influenced her behavior.

The most remarkable part of the story is that she has recovered from the ordeal. How she did it is a lesson for anyone who considers her/himself helpless and utterly alone. Furthermore, Elizabeth Smart has become an advocate for abused children. Whereas many people feel compelled to hide their abuse, Elizabeth Smart has done the opposite. It is nothing less than amazing. 

--Julie C., Headquarters

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