Elizabethan Marvels

Marvel 1602


How would the modern superheroes we have come to know and love have lived in the 17th century? Prolific author Neil Gaiman gives us his vision in "Marvel 1602," which collects an eight-part mini-series from Marvel Comics. Branching from the courts of Queen Elizabeth to a colony in the New World, this critically acclaimed series mixes historic settings with vivid art to create a tale worth reading. Instead of spandex-wearing superheroes publicly using their powers to fight crime or save the world, Gaiman created a time and place where anyone with unnatural abilities is considered a witch. Readers will be introduced to familiar characters in new roles, such as Daredevil as a blind minstrel, Dr. Strange as the Queen's physician, the Fantastic Four as elemental explorers, and a worthy enemy in Count Otto Von Doom. This graphic novel is a fun read for teens and adults.

--Aaron E., Headquarters

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