I try to peruse the New Releases (look for the books with the green dots) every week or so because that is where I usually find the interesting, lesser-known fiction. Another find for me is "Errantry" by Elizabeth Hand. The subtitle for this collection is "Strange Stories" and it is fitting. This collection of 10 stories is full of tidbits of weirdness.

The first story deals with the birth of flight in America and a bizarre occurrence that occurred when a Mr. McCauley attempted to fly his contraption over 100 years ago. Another story has an Icelandic witch living in Maine, her connection to the natural world, and how she reacts when her environment is disturbed. The final story, about three people tracking down a local origami artist, suddenly drifts from quite normal to quite weird. I am purposefully vague because I think you, as the reader, should be as surprised as I was by the strangeness of this collection. Not all the stories are grand, but the collection as a whole is interesting.

--Keir H., Cliff Cave



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