Ever After

"Ever After" by Kim Harrison

"Ever After" is Kim Harrison's newest entry in the Hollows/Rachel Morgan series. It is her most ambitious book to date. It opens with a psychotic demon trying to have Rachel killed by the demonic collective because their home, the ever after, is shrinking. The demons blame Rachel for the problem, and she struggles with her confidence and growing powers.

I don't want to give away too many details of the plot. It's convoluted to say the least. There are betrayals, personal turmoil, and the death of a favorite character. The author continues to astound me as she develops her characters in new and unexpected ways. I was pleasantly surprised by the role of Bis, Rachel's gargoyle, in this adventure. The reader is drawn into her world so he/she even develops sympathy for the demonic collective.

The book is not without flaws. It had too many characters-the reader needed a scorecard to keep track of them. Two of my favorite characters, Jenks and Ivy, had very limited appearances. At times, Rachel lacked self-confidence and was whiny. However, these flaws did not distract me from my overall reading enjoyment.

"Ever After" is an action packed thrill ride that leaves the reader wanting more. I recommend starting with some of the earlier books in the Hollow series for an introduction to the characters, relationships and plot lines. You can find "Ever After" on the library's new material fiction shelves or request it here.

--Ron A., Weber Road Branch

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