Fix It & Forget It

After a hectic and busy day at work, many of us find the drive-thru of our favorite greasy pit to be the last stop before we reach home. Most of us are guilty of this sinful detour because, frankly we just don't have the time, let alone the effort left in us to cook a well balanced and hearty meal. "Fix it & Forget-it" by New York Times best-selling author, Phyllis Pellman Good, is a series of cookbooks that gives the busy working man/woman a short list of ingredients you combine into a slow cooker before work. When you get home a complete meal is waiting to tickle your tastbuds. Slow cookers are not just your mother's kitchen buddy anymore. Slow cookers are ideal for both men and women who lead busy lives. The receipes in the book are quick, easy for those who lack confindence in the kitchen and most of all tantalizing to your tastebuds.  "Fix it & Forget-it" has several different publications with the same fix it and go attitude.  Browse our catalog here and stop by your local branch to start fixin' and forgettin'.

--Amy H., Thornhill Branch

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