Free Yoga at the Library

There's a corpse in the library. In fact, there are many, lying like rows of bricks, silent, unmoving. Though resting in peace, these bodies are far from dead. Some may even be more alive now than ever.

Each month select SLCL branches host free yoga. The stillness usually occurs at the end of 20 minutes or more of a yoga practice. Called Savasana (sah-VAH-sah-nah), the corpse pose can be more difficult than it looks, especially if you work at it too hard. The goal is quietude, breathing and relaxation of body and mind.

I invited a friend of mine to accompany me to one of SLCL's yoga sessions. She declined, saying she didn't want to twist her body into a pretzel. Even raptures about my favorite asana (that's yoga for pose) didn't sway her. She didn't like exercising.

It's a stretch to call yoga exercise; rather, yoga is all about stretching and acceptance. It can be accomplished by persons of any age, any body type and any level of fitness. It can calm a fretful mind, ease the aches of aging, restore balance and sharpen one's focus both during yoga practice as well as away from the mat.

What more can be said of yoga? Well, remember that at the end you'll usually get to play dead and that can make you more alive.

To find a free yoga session at a branch near you, visit our events calendar and type "yoga" into the keyword search box.

--Bob S., Rock Road Branch


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