Friends with Boys

Faith Erin Hicks has written a graphic novel entitled "Friends with Boys" that is quite enjoyable.  The main character is Maggie, whose life is fraught with change, weirdness and loneliness. As the book begins, she is starting high school after a life of home schooling. Her mother recently abandoned the family which consists of Maggie, her father, her oldest brother, Daniel, and her twin brothers, Zander and Lloyd. As she goes into high school, Maggie's only friends are her brothers. Making friends is an important part of the plot.

The only unchanging element in Maggie's life seems to be a ghost she met seven years ago. She tries to get the ghost to leave, but her efforts fail. She gets in big trouble late in the book when she hatches a scheme that she thinks will send the ghost on its way.

The emotional roller coaster that teens often experience is portrayed well in "Friends with Boys." There's an in crowd, hazing, pranks, and, as usual, the adults are mostly clueless. The frayed relationship between the twin brothers rings true.

The book includes a section of early sketches of the characters, which shows how an artist often has to work with an idea until it is fully expressed.  

--Julie C., Headquarters


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