Frost Burned

"Frost Burned" by Patricia Briggs

"Frost Burned" by Patricia Briggs is the seventh book in the Mercy Thompson series.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series, Mercy is a mechanic by trade and a Native American "walker," a shapeshifter who shifts to the form of a coyote.

The book opens with Mercy still adjusting to her new role as the wife of the local werewolf pack's Alpha. Mercy and her stepdaughter, Jesse,  are involved in a car accident on a Black Friday shopping trip. Mercy and Jesse are alarmed when they can't contact any of the pack members for assistance. Using her mate bond, Mercy knows that Adam is in pain but alive. Mercy puts together a team of unlikely allies to rescue the pack.

Patricia Briggs manages to combine the world of the paranormal and government conspiracies into an action-packed thriller. There are scenes of intense action, high emotion and plenty of twists and turns that leaves the reader wanting more. This book may be found on the Fiction New Material shelf at your local branch or you may request it right here.

--Ron A., Weber Road Branch


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