Get to Know Graphic Novelist Rick Geary

Get to Know Graphic Novelist Rick Geary


Rick Geary, artist and former cartoonist for Heavy Metal, Epic, and the National Lampoon, has a really neat series of graphic novels that I must recommend. I picked up "The murder of Abraham Lincoln a chronicle of 62 days in the life of the American Republic, March 4-May 4, 1865" on a whim and was impressed not only with the quality of the drawing, but also that most of the major issues regarding Lincoln's assassination were covered. One can move quickly through the book or linger over the illustrations.

Next, I read "A treasury of Victorian murder" which highlighted some of the societal conditions before delving into some of the era's most abominable murders.  Then I got "The Lindbergh Child. " The complex case is broken down as simply as possible by Geary, including the lingering mysteries and theories of the crime.

I can't say enough good things about this author and his ability to winnow down the most important facts about a case. He can also depict emotion of all kinds with just a few pen strokes. Gruesome though the topics may be, they are all rooted in history.  Next up for me is Geary's "Jack the Ripper: a journal of the Whitechapel murders 1888-1889."

--Julie C., Headquarters


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