Guide to Deutsches Geschlechterbuch

Deutsches Geschlechterbuch (German Lineage Book) is a series of volumes published featuring compiled genealogies of German non-noble middle-class and farm families. The series includes thousands of German and Swiss German lineages providing genealogical information for hundreds of thousands of individuals, including many that came to the U.S. The History and Genealogy Department holds vols. 1-143 on CD-ROM and all available print volumes beginning with vol. 144. A cumulative index (surnames only) is available on CD-ROM for vols. 1-216. A complete list of holdings (as of June 2013) and a guide to using the volumes can be downloaded as PDFS from the following links:

> Deutsches Geschlechterbuch: holdings in the History and Genealogy Department and lexicon to symbols, abbreviations and terminology (149 kb)

> Guide to using Deutsches Geschlechterbuch on CD-ROM (1.4 mb)

> Information about Deutsches Geschlechterbuch in the Feb. 2011 issue of PastPorts newsletter


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