How did I get here?

Gabrielle Hamilton's outstanding memoir "Blood, Bones & Butter" traces the crooked path she followed to her current success as chef and owner of Prune restaurant in New York City. Although Hamilton is a celebrated chef, readers should not assume that this is simply a foodie book. It is much more a literary memoir about how one woman's life is formed by a combination of her experiences, values, and accidents.

Hamilton did not dream of becoming a restaurant owner and chef. Without planning it, Hamilton accumulates twenty years of experience working in kitchens. In her first job at a restaurant, she is awkward and unsure in the dining room, but feels right at home in the kitchen, peeling potatoes and scraping plates.

Hamilton writes about her childhood, her travels, and the trials of starting a restaurant without any business experience. Her writing is clear and funny. Although she is frank about her faults and those of others, she reveals a genuine fondness for people.

Even while pursuing an academic career, Hamilton worked in a catering kitchen. When the opportunity to open a restaurant came along, Hamilton felt various threads of her life coming together. Don't miss this great story of how this chef found her meandering way to a satisfying life.

-- Jennifer A., Headquarters


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