"Hunted" by Kevin Hearne
Kevin Hearne's new book is "Hunted : the iron druid chronicles." It's an action-packed romp through various supernatural pantheons. The author masterfully juggles various subplots, intense action, comedy and gore to make this one of his best books yet.
In an earlier book, our hero, Atticus O'Sullivan offends the Greek and Roman pantheon of gods. He has two goddesses of the hunt, Artemis and Diana, chasing  him, his apprentice Granuaile, and his dog Oberon on a mad dash across Europe. Add to the mix a cast of allies/enemies including vampires, elves, dark elves, werewolves, a life leech, and the leader of the Wild Hunt and you have a paranormal smorgasbord of delight.

Atticus must use all his wiles and magic to survive. A peace must be forged because all portents point to the beginning of Ragnarok. The Norse pantheon has specifically requested Atticus' aid in the upcoming battle...since his actions might have hastened the End.
"Hunted : the iron druid chronicles" ties up a lot of the subplots that have been in the series to this point. The one weakness I found in the book is the feeling the author leaves the reader hanging with his ending. It is an obvious setup for the next book in the series.
You may find this book on your branch's paperback display. You may also request it by clicking here.
--Ron A., Weber Road Branch


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