I, Robot

"I, robot: to protect" by Mickey Zucker Reichert
"I, robot: to protect" revisits the world created by the master of science fiction, Isaac Asimov. Although Asimov passed away in 1992, the three laws of robotics he created lives on in books and movies. This book was authorized by the estate of Isaac Asimov. It is written by Mickey Zucker Reichert.
This book is a prequel to Asimov's work. It tells the back story of Susan Calvin before she becomes involved with robotics. It opens with her being a psychiatry resident at Manhattan Hasbro teaching hospital. Her patients range from the near comatose to a four year old sociopath. Susan makes some brilliant diagnoses/breakthroughs in her first few weeks.This causes her to be chosen for an experimental project using nanobots. While the experimental programs offers hope, it attracts the animosity of the Society of America who fear they will create a cyborg.
While the book has some problems, it is a worthy addition to the Asimov universe. The science fiction purist might be upset because this book is more medical thriller than a true science fiction story that one might expect. It also takes some creative licenses with Asimov's original timeline. The most obvious example is the twenty something Susan Calvin was unaware of robots until she stumbles over an android in the hospital doing scut work.  In the original timeline Asimov established, she wrote her first paper on robotics at 16.
On the plus side, I thoroughly enjoyed the way Reichert develops the three laws of robotics. The dialogue between Susan and Nate on the laws was fabulous. If you enjoy medical thrillers with a hint of science fiction, I recommend "I, robot : to protect". You may find the book in the Adult Fiction section of the library under Reichert or you may request it.
--Ron A., Weber Road Branch
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