The Ice House

"The Ice House"

"The Ice House" on DVD is based on Minette Walters' writing debut. Walters' gift for clever dialog and intriguing characters translates well on screen. The three-hour miniseries features a pre-Bond Daniel Craig as homicide detective, Andy McLoughlin. McLoughlin and his boss, DCI Walsh, played by a devilish Corin Redgrave, are called in regarding a corpse found in the ice house of an estate called Streech Grange. The Grange's owner is Phoebe and she's no stranger to the police or DCI Walsh. She reported her husband as a missing person years before and it was one of Walsh's first cases. The case went unsolved. Many in the village where the Grange is located feel Phoebe got away with murder. There is a palpable animosity from the community, so Phoebe's closest friends, Diana and Anne, join her there. The estate becomes both a haven and a prison to these women and their two servants. With the discovery of the body, they all become prime suspects.

Mystery abounds here: the identity of the corpse, what keeps the women at Streech Grange, and what happened to Phoebe's husband. The characters have great depth, even the groundskeeper and Phoebe's kids have back stories worth knowing. Fans of police procedurals and tense drama will find much to enjoy in "The Ice House."

--Cindy F., Headquarters


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