If You Thought Your Valentine's Day Went Wrong...

Tamara Drewe


"Tamara Drewe" is a breezy English film that resembles a French farce. Tamara returns to the village of her youth to sell the family home. Now a well-known journalist with a nose job, Tamara has evolved from the plain girl-next-door to hot chic up the street with her choice of men. The options include an ex-boyfriend who saw beyond her former big nose, but now has a chip on his shoulder. A famous author who operates a nearby writer's retreat is also in the running, although married, he's a confirmed adulterer. To complicate matters further, a famous rock star arrives on the scene and also takes a fancy to Tamara. It turns out testosterone can be too much of a good thing and pandemonium ensues. Before long, a pair of bored teenage girls with their own hormonal issues, spy on the rock star and send a mischievous email that has serious consequences. 

The delightful cast consists of lesser-known British actors. The film has a surprisingly dark sense of humor and some unexpected twists. Tamara isn't a Jane Austen heroine, perfect and stoic. She's flawed and human and makes mistakes now that her situation has shifted upward. So if your Valentine's Day went wrong, consider watching "Tamara Drewe." Rumor has it, misery loves company.

--Cindy F., Headquarters


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