"Immortal" by Dean Crawford


A body is delivered to the morgue in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The medical investigator, Lillian Cruz, is amazed to find smallpox scars on the body. There is a gunshot wound that has an embedded musket ball from the Civil War era. Further tests reveal that the body appears to be over 100 years old. A short time later Cruz is kidnapped. This brings the Defense Intelligence Agency to investigate.
What follows is a book that blends popular conspiracy theories and eugenics to deliver an action packed thrill read of the summer. "Immortal" by Dean Crawford takes a long look at the question of immortality, world population and our rapidly depleting resources. The action is intense. The villains are suitably evil.

The book is not without its flaws. For example, it is my understanding that musket balls were made of lead. The one referred to in the book is iron encased in lead. At times, it was difficult keeping the characters straight. Overall though, "Immortal" is a very enjoyable read. It would be perfect for a lazy summer day by the pool.

You may find the book on the Fiction New Material shelf at your local branch. You may request it by clicking here.
--Ron A., Weber Road Branch
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