Up Jumps the Devil

I picked up this book and replaced it on the shelf several times before I finally decided to give it a chance. I am so happy that I chose to read this particular book. "Up Jumps the Devil" chronicles Lucifer's existence since leaving Heaven and inhabiting Earth. He has been here since the dawn of creation, so he has seen and experienced all that humanity has endured.

The book mainly chronicles the Devil's interaction with three rock musicians from the late 1960s to the present, but does delve into his past existence. For the most part, Poore's Devil has resided in America and the novel highlights several notable exchanges the Devil has with historical figures, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Pocohantas, and JFK. This work of fiction not only reveals what could be the work of the Devil in human history, but also how humans themselves have wreaked havoc on the planet and each other. I found the book to be entertaining and thoughtful, and quite humorous.

--Keir H., Cliff Cave Branch



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