Katrina Dogs Rescue The Rescuers


A brave cadre of volunteers and a nationwide network of animal-care operations who came together to rescue many household pets who had been stranded in the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In turn, many of these dogs rescued their adoptive families from woes only humans know. Pet and human lives were mended in the process and fear and confusion lost out to unconditional love. "Mine" is a documentary film that tells this story and more.

It also tells how the people of New Orleans struggled to put their lives back together after unimaginable devastation. They were more able to come to grips with what raging waters had done to their worldly possessions than not knowing what had become of their pets. The humans thought they'd be separated from these loved ones for only a couple of days. One human said she would not allow herself to be taken from her home without her dog unless force was used. Force, she maintains, was used; otherwise she would have faced any hardship and even death with her beloved companion.

Added to this drama is another layer: how the rescued dogs enriched -- and in some cases healed -- the households of their adoptive families. Although each situation was unique, the adoptive families wanted only the best for the dogs. Then later, it became clear that by being returned to their original owners, these orphans would alleviate yet another human tragedy.

I found this film in the OverDrive eVideo collection and downloaded it to my PC for viewing. In this collection you'll find classics, little-known gems and award-winning films you may have never heard of, such as, "Mine."

--Bob S., Rock Road Branch


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