Kinsey and Me

"Kinsey and me: stories" by Sue Grafton

Many years ago during the first adult reading club that St. Louis County Library sponsored, I had the good fortune to discover books written by Sue Grafton. I was captivated by her tough female private detective, Kinsey Milhone. Since then, I have avidly awaited each new alphabet mystery. I was surprised when her latest book wasn't "W".

My disappointment turned to reading enjoyment as I opened the pages of "Kinsey and me: stories." While it is part short story collection featuring Kinsey, it also contains biographical elements as the second section delves into a character named Kit Blue. The character, Kit, is a younger version of the author herself. It gives us insight into the elements of Sue's life that makes her characters come alive on the printed page.

The short story format doesn't give a lot of time for plot or character development. However, the characters are memorable. No one will look at his/her book group in quite the same way after reading "Falling off the Roof." I think my favorite in the collection is "A Little Missionary Work." It appealed to my sense of fair play.

The stories are short, action-packed gems. Kinsey is at her best as she solves mysteries and bring perpetrators to justice in her unique way. You may find this book in New Material Mystery section or you may request it here.

--Ron A., Weber Road Branch



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