Left Behind


Have you ever left something inside a returned library book? Given the amount of things we find in our books, you may have. Michael Popek became fascinated with the things he found in the pages of the books he sorted for his family's used book store. Popek began sharing with friends descriptions of some of the more unusual things he found. He then started a blog and now has a new book titled "Forgotten Bookmarks: A Bookseller's Collection of Odd Things Lost Between the Pages." The book is organized by the type of object found, from photographs to razor blades. Popek does not comment on the found items. He simply reproduces an image of the letter, recipe, drawing, or object with a transcription if needed. He also includes an image of the book in which the items were found. The entries range from the amusing to the heart-wrenching. This delightful book will please any reader who wonders "Who read this book before me?"

--Jennifer A., Headquarters

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