Legendary Babe

"The Bambino" by Nel Yomtov and illustrated by Tim Foley, is a graphic novel about that amazing summer of 1927 when Babe Ruth set out to beat his own homerun record.  The artist wisely chooses a limited palette for this book (grayish blue, beige, black and white), since the majority of images we have of the Babe are in grayscale. The colors help convey that the events described in the story happened a long time ago while evoking mental images of the Babe in action.

Current baseball fans know who Babe Ruth was, what he did and how he and Lou Gehrig propelled the '27 Yankees into baseball history. Murderers Row is what they were called then and what they are called now. That season was an amazing display of baseball dominance and although we all know what happened, the author communicates the drama of Babe's effort.

Yomtov includes a glossary, index, recommended Internet sites, and a list of books for those who want more.

--Julie C., Headquarters




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