The Longest Way Home

As someone who came of age in the mid-1980s, I was all too familiar with Andrew McCarthy, the actor. He starred in such movies as "St. Elmo's Fire," "Pretty in Pink," and "Less Than Zero." I wasn't that impressed with his acting, so when I saw his biography in the New Materials section, I passed it by several times. But, with nothing better to read, I finally picked it up off the shelf.

Andrew McCarthy's writing is solid and heartfelt. He started writing for National Geographic Traveler magazine and has developed a comfortable, interesting style. In this book, "The Longest Way Home," McCarthy tells of his plans to marry and how his need to travel and find himself supersedes the planning of the wedding. While his fiancé plans the wedding and cares for their young daughter, McCarthy takes trips to Patagonia, the Amazon, Costa Rica, Kilimanjaro, and other places on his way to find comfort at home. As someone who has the need to travel, not just a desire to see other places, but a real need to leave home and experience the world, I found McCarthy's story intriguing and resounding.

--Keir H., Cliff Cave Branch

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